Makeup Artistry Helped me Find Catharsis


I’ve heard countless stories about how Artists’ craft helped them express emotions, served as a point of solace, brought hope and light. The latter was my experience.

Prior to now since 2018 when I started beauty, I was just passionate about making people beautiful, boosting confidence and high self esteem so when I hear stories like that I just never thought much of it, sometimes I would even make jokes and say things like “is it this same artistry we’re doing abi my own is different lol”

Until June this year 2022 when they served fav beautician premium post anniversary breakfast; the official breakup happened 1 day after our 1 year dating anniversary.
P.S: I don’t think it was a deliberate or wicked act from my ex, it just so happened around that time as things had been rocky months prior to that.

Okay let’s not lose focus, It was a very painful and dim few weeks.
I just couldn’t feel myself till this day that the Lord made. Yaaay! We’re getting to the fun part.

This faithful day I set out again just to do my thing with @teenu_ola and @blvkish____ . Still gloomy, but I’m never too sparkless to work, so yeah. I knew I wanted to do some colour pop, but I had no exact idea, I just trusted that the creative juice will flow. We got to work, I did the colour pop effect on the face and I had a whooshhh moment, next up I thought okay let’s add some sparkles. It was then I felt a surge of light run through my heart, it just felt like a switch of excitement was turned on inside me. I could feel myself come back, I felt relieved.
I stood in awe of the beauty God helped me create, despite how sad and unmotivated I was.

How could a look I created connect to me so deeply also symbolizing hope and light?

That shoot was a huge step to finding myself again, the mostly excited Moyo with spark in her eyes and heart. The heart is definitely still under reconstruction lool, but that was some experience I’ll forever hold dear.
I even made a reel with Tinu out of excitement that day, it was at that moment I knew: Yass! Girl is back!

See for yourself: click here to view reel on Instagram.

Your light moment might just be close, keep showing up regardless ~ Moyo Billions 2022

Oshey motivational speaker aye! ?

Thank you for reading.
I hope you enjoyed it, look forward to sharing more beautiful moments, beauty tips and hacks with you through this blog.
Please stay tuned.

Stay Peng ✨❤

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